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Young Naturalists,  Our Future


NatureKids BC Oceanside


Our next two events will be:

• February 20 Family Day – We are planning a short hike along with a visit to the
Qualicum Beach Museum for their special family program.

• March 5 – We will take a trip to the Vancouver Island University marine facility.

Please contact us ahead of time, if you have a young family member who is interested in
joining us.


The CJ Critter Company that belongs to NKO, were excellent presenters.

The NatureKids’ families were treated to exotic reptiles and spiders and snakes, which

this amazing family has rescued over the years. Many of the children held a snake for the

first time and learned about their habits and habitats.

The parents were as engaged as the children. They even took photos of each other with

the boa constrictor, ball python snake and lizards.