Hamilton Wetlands and Forest Tour

April 15 2023

The Wetland itself is 3 km’s long and 1/2 km wide.  It sits within 360 ha’s of forest.  You’ve probably driven by it a hundred times but not known it’s there! It’s located 5 minutes from Qualicum Beach.  Head out Memorial, go under Hwy 19 overpass, and turn right onto Hilliers Rd S. at the bottom of the hill. It’s about 1 km further on your left.

Volunteers from the Friends of French Creek Conservation Society, Ducks Unlimited Oceanside, Arrowsmith Naturalists, Arrowsmith Independent School, and NIWRA will be on hand to provide guided tours of this amazing wetland. Check out the bug bingo and view birds at the dock.

Tours take place between 11am and 3pm, easy walking, dress in layers and don’t wear your good shoes. Please don’t bring dogs on the trail as it’s nesting season.

Did we mention there will be a draw with prizes courtesy of Ducks Unlimited Oceanside?

Visit our website and watch our stunning video

The Grade 4-7 students at Arrowsmith Independent School would love to share their knowledge of Hamilton Marsh Aquatic Life! 
Visit their “Bug Detective” exhibit, and try your hand at pond-dipping to see what kind of critters YOU can find! In Mid April, the insects and creepy crawlies are in full force in various stages of their life cycle. You may discover a giant pond beetle, or watch a dragonfly larvae climb out of the marsh and unfurl its wings! The Marsh is alive and well, so come out and discover all there is to see in this vibrant eco-system!
We appreciate the permission of the landowner Mosaic Forest Management for making this tour possible.