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 2024 Meetings


Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at St. Edmunds Church Hall, 407 Wembley Road, Parksville.
The September, October, April, May and June meetings begin at 7pm(doors open at 6:30pm)
The November, January, February and March meetings begin at 3pm(doors open at 2:30pm)
There is no meeting in December, but we hold a potluck on Christmas Bird Count Sunday.
There are no meetings in July and August, but we enjoy at least one picnic at Rathtrevor Park.


We respectfully acknowledge that we are meeting within the unceded traditional territories  of the Snaw-naw-as people and the Qualicum First Nation, the traditional keepers of these lands.

Today, many First Nations and Métis peoples continue to live, work and play here as do we. We intend to nurture better understanding and pursue opportunities for collaboration with our First Nations neighbours.


     Arrowsmith Naturalists Members Meeting


Thursday February 22 2024 at 3pm


Photo show to be continued.

The next general meeting will be on 22nd February at 3p.m. Since many members’ slides were unfortunately not shown at the January meeting as planned, the photo show will be continued in February. Please bring your memory sticks with your ten photos again that day, time limit 10 minutes, so we can enjoy what we missed last month, and we will look forward to seeing them on that day. Give your memory sticks to whoever is working the computer at the time! Many thanks for your patience, and hope to see you, and your photos, on February 22nd.

                      Thursday, March 28, 2024


St. Edmunds Church Hall, 407 Wembley Road, Parksville
Doors open at 6:30pm; meeting at 7pm
Speaker will be  Roger Keeping
Presentation:  Bats
Roger Keeping is an Animal Biologist specializing in endangered species.  The majority of his research work has been conducted in Australia around their utterly unique life forms.  This requires knowledge of mainly tropical animals.  Of this great variety Roger’s says his passions are focused on the most maligned, reviled and hated animals on the planet and ironically these animals are the most beneficial to the human race while we persecute them unmercifully.  The four Orders of animals he has studied, bred and worked with are Herpetology (Snakes), Arachnology (Spiders), Chiroptera (Bats) and Anura (South American Poison Frogs).  His presentation to us will be on bats.
Roger has an unique accumulation of educational experience and qualifications.  He has a plumbing license which he used it to travel the world and support myself while studying animals.  He continued his  education on biology at the University of Victoria.  Roger’s  work experience ranges from Conservation Centres to the Calgary Zoo, volunteer work at Kamloops Wildlife Park and Drumheller Reptile world.  Academically he reached his apogee lecturing at the Royal Tyrrell Museum on “habitats for breeding endangered snakes”. 







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Dates and times of future meetings:
Jan.  25  3pm
Feb.  22  3pm
Mar. 28  3pm
Apr.  25  7pm
May   23 7pm
June  27 7pm
Christmas Bird Count Potluck
( hall and kitchen) Dec. 17 4-8pm


Thursday April 25 2024


General Meeting of the Arrowsmith Naturalists

Thursday, 7pm, doors open at 6:30pm.

St. Edmunds Church Hall, 407 Wembley Rd., Parksville

Speaker:  Catherine Babault

Presentation:  Vancouver Island Marmot, The World’s Rarest Marmot
Catherine Babault is a nature photographer in Courtenay, Vancouver Island.  She shares her passion for nature photography and conservation in her photo tours and workshops on the island, public presentations and photo books.  Catherine is the author of the book Vancouver Island Marmot, The World’s Rarest Marmot.  Her previous book Vancouver Island Wildlife, A Photo Journey won a Nautilus Book Award in the USA.  You can follow Catherine on the social network Mastodon: and watch her videos on YouTube.

Photographing wildlife is both challenging and rewarding. Compelling images are often the result of a thorough study of the subject and its environment.  When it comes to a rare species like the Vancouver Island marmot of which there are only 250 specimens in the wilderness, the quest for these photos requires a lot of determination and patience. In her presentation, Catherine will talk about her experience in photographing this rare marmot, some facts about the marmot and the efforts taken to save it from extinction.





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