Butterflies and Other Pollinators

Pollinators need your help

The Arrowsmith Naturalists are supporting  initiatives throughout the Oceanside area, we would encourage participation in
whatever way possible. It may be growing one pollinator-friendly plant on a small deck, or including perennials as part of the
domestic landscape. It is also important to maintain wild and natural areas of land where possible, as native plants and
greenery are a vital part of the insect life cycle. More than ever, insects need corridors through which they can travel in urban
areas, where food sources are often scarce and far apart.

Please join us by supporting the very pollinators that enable us to put food on our plates, while increasing the diversity in insects,
butterflies and bird diversity. Let us know if you are interested in helping to reverse the drastic loss of these essential workers in
our environment so that we can exchange knowledge and ideas, and perhaps swap seeds or cuttings to make our natural
surroundings buzz with the sound of bees, and increase the
butterfly population at the same time. Check out the websites mentioned here or you can contact:

Sally Soanes at  sally.soanes@shaw.ca

Rosemary Taylor at rtaylor99@shaw.ca

Rosemary Taylor